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History: West Cement Industries Joint Stock Company was established on August 15, 1974 as a public joint stock company and was registered in the number 437 of 1974/07/15 in the registration of karmanshah industrial companies and banking. The company was recognized in 1979/06/06 paragraph (c) of The Iranian Industrial Protection and Development Law and from the date of 1970/07/22 the elected board of directors of the National Industries Organization of Iran took over its affairs in the run-up to the vote dated 1364/12/26 On behalf of the five-member board of the subject of Article (2) of the Amendment to the Law on the Protection and Development of Iranian Industries, the demands of banks were converted to capital at the beginning of 1979 and since 1986/05/15, the Board of Directors of The Elected Shareholders (Bank of Industry and Mines) was carried out. Consequently, with the title of the transfer of shares of The Bank of Industry and Mines on the establishment of 6325010 the owned share (approximately 46.81% of the company's shares), the proposals received on 19/10/19/1974, and consequently, Seman Fars and Khuzestan Company according to the agreement no. 977/Mesa 1373/19 11/18 Succeeded in purchasing the shares, dated 1373/11/13, the management of the company's affairs was carried out by the elected board of shareholders. Khuzestan. The main center is located on 15 km of Kermanshah-Hamedan road and company office in Tehran, end of Motahari-Kh-Soleyman Street because of the corner of Gross Alley No. 115.

Main activity: The subject of the company's activities according to article 2 of the statutes, the creation and operation of cement factories and any kind of purchase of equipment and facilities and materials and machinery required by the factory and the sale of all kinds of its products and the creation of industries related to building materials, especially related to cement and any authorized commercial activities related to the subject of the company and investment and participation in other companies and conducting laboratory services. According to operation license no. 121339 dated 1773/05/16 issued by Kermanshah General Industrial Office, operation of the company's factory with a capacity of 600,000 tons of cement started in March 1978 and the capacity increase project (from 2000 tons) started 4000 tons per day) was officially inaugurated in May 2008 and on 2009/01/20, operation license no. 12/27976 amounting to 1.200,000 tons of cement has been exported annually by Kermanshah Industries and Industry Organization.

West Cement Industries Co. (PJS) is one of the subsidiaries of Fars and Khuzestan Cement, which was put into operation in February 1977 with a capacity of 2000 tons of cement per day. The project of increasing production capacity from 2000 tons to 4000 tons per day was carried out and its utilization was carried out in 2008/01/20 with the cooperation of AFL Schmitt Company. From the knowledge and high quality control team of experienced engineers and employees with equipped machinery and X-ray laboratories, chemistry and physic with the quality control team has put their products in the best way, so that in addition to providing internal needs, outside the country also their products as clinker, portland cement. Type 1 (class 1-425 and 525-1), type 2, type 5 in standard 50kg bags and coated and weaving bags or jumbo bag (bulk) offers.