Laboratory and Quality Control of West Cement

Laboratory and Quality Control of West Cement

  West Cement Industries Co. has the most equipped quality control laboratories and having a well-equipped and modern laboratory is one of the strengths of the company.West Cement Quality Control Laboratory with experienced staff, along with modern laboratory equipment such as XRF machines, and the most up-to-date equipment related to cement and concrete, applies quality control conditions from input to product delivery continuously and effectively. Nahaina leads to the selection of the highest quality marl mines and desirable raw materials in the factory, the production of high quality and uniform clinkers and the supply of portland cement, in accordance with domestic and foreign standards. The laboratory of West Cement Industries Co. as one of the accredited authorities for conducting tests related to different types of cement (type 1, 2, 5, minerals) in line with "total quality of services, validity of test results and compliance with international standards" has established its quality management system based on ISO/IEC standard 17025:2017. Due to the competitive environment in the region, the issue of quality has a special importance and the company's timekeeping in the production scene has been diluted.As a result of the views and opinions of customers and consumers inside and outside the country on the expected demands of cement produced, special actions have been taken in this regard, resulting in the promotion of quality and production of special products. Although in line with this quality improvement, the costs associated with the cost will increase, leading the organization to the slogan (sustainable development, clean production, customer satisfaction) at the head of its policy and is faithful to it because we believe that: ((customer return means quality))

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